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TrustLaw Connect

TrustLaw Connect is the Thomson Reuters Foundation's award-winning service to spread the practice of pro bono worldwide. We connect the best law firms and corporations around the world with high-impact NGOs and social enterprises in need of free legal assistance.

In 2012, TrustLaw Connect membership almost doubled, exceeding 1,000 members. The service has become more and more global: our network of law firms now extends to countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Fiji, Paraguay, Uganda, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Turkey. In 2012, more than 60 percent of TrustLaw Connect lawyers worked outside the traditional pro bono markets of the United States, Britain and Australia.

TrustLaw Connect launched new global programmes to strengthen legal frameworks that govern issues such as corruption, social innovation, human trafficking, land rights, forced labour, microfinance, global health, domestic violence and sexual violence.

TrustLaw Connect took a top prize at the UK Charity Awards and held the second annual TrustLaw Awards in London, gathering more than 300 representatives from law firms, NGOs and social enterprises from as far afield as Somalia, South Africa, Mauritius and Bangladesh.

An extraordinary serviceā€¦the impact of (TrustLaw Connect) builds leadership, public benefit, knowledge, skills and capacity within a much larger community.
- Judy McPherson Chair, CEO of PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International